If you own a business that requires the use of a boiler on the premises, and your current boiler requires extensive repair work, you may have considered renting or purchasing a new one rather than spending time and money on revamping an older one. There are some steps to take before a new boiler is installed in your business so it will work as it should without causing potential hazards to those within your establishment. Here are some tips to consider when preparing for a new boiler installation.

Find Out About Care Of The Old Machine

Contact your old boiler's service technician to find out the proper procedures needed in its disassembly. If you stayed with the same company, it is likely someone will be dispatched to your business to handle the draining of water from your old unit before a new one is installed. The company will most likely haul away your old boiler to be recycled as well. If you decided to use another service when purchasing or renting a boiler, you will need to contact your old supplier to find out the proper protocol regarding the removal of the unit. In some instances, the owner will be required to handle the draining of the unit themselves. A maintenance worker can handle this for you or a fee can be paid to your new boiler installation service to do the work.

Clear A Path For Ease Of Movement

It is best to handle the moving of equipment or work-related fixtures in the pathway that will be used for the removal and arrival of the old and new boilers. This will require you to decide on the shortest route for workers to utilize when hauling a boiler in and out of your building. Move all items far from the pathway so workers can get through the area without worrying about the amount of room they have available to maneuver the boilers in the process. 

Alert Workers Of The Installation Date

Consider having the new boiler placed within your business at a time when employees are not on the premises. This will decrease the chance of having someone get hurt. A memorandum can be given to each employee well in advance of the boiler installation date. Make sure this date is definite before alerting employees so you do not loose out on an extensive amount of working time as a result. Many installation services will work during the weekend or during evening hours if requested. For more information about handling a boiler installation, contact a business such as Purvis And Foster Inc