Water damage can be caused by a whole host of structural issues within your home, from improper drainage in your basement to damaged roofing materials and gutter systems, but no matter the reason, it can spell serious problems for your home. Sometimes, water damage can happen slowly over time instead of being a sudden crisis, but the damage is no less serious. Understanding the early warning signs of water damage in your home can help you identify the source early and fix it before the damage is able to spread and increase in both complexity and expense to repair.


One of the easiest to notice warning signs of water damage in your home is discoloration or staining that can appear on the surfaces of your home. This discoloration can be caused by the materials themselves simply being wet, which can be noticeable on lightly colored ceilings, walls and floors, or because of mold growth, which is more common in ceilings and walls.

Peeling and Bubbling

In a very similar vein to the above point, water damage behind your walls and ceiling can alter their appearance by causing the paint or wallpaper on them to either bubble, peel, or otherwise pull away from the surface. Water damage to your hardwood floors or any other wooden surface in your home can cause warping, twisting, and splitting. Any sort of irregular texturing can point to prolonged water damage, and should be treated right away, as it will soon begin eating away at the underlying structure of your walls or ceiling.

Bad Smells

Another warning sign of long-term water damage is if there is a pervasive and chronic smell that permeates a certain area of your home and does not seem to change no matter how much you clean and sanitize. This type of odor can point to mold and mildew growth, which is a serious health concern that can aggravate and cause respiratory conditions if not treated quickly.


Hissing, pinging, or any other irregular sounds that you notice while you turn the water on in your home (and especially if you notice these sounds while no water fixtures in your home are turned on) can point to minor leaks that may be chronically running out of sight. It's a good idea to contact a plumber if you notice any strange sounds so that they can take a look at your plumbing system and determine if you have any hidden leaks and water damage.

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