When you work online or you tend to spend hours out of your day at the computer, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Many computer seats are made with nice leather but tend to get a bit uncomfortable after a long time. If your livelihood is dependent on you being able to sit at your computer, taking a lot of breaks to stand up and stretch may not be possible. Instead of buying a new chair and trying to determine if it will work, you should get an old, comfortable chair reupholstered to serve this purpose. Here are three steps to turn a living room chair into a computer seat. 

Install track rollers on the bottom

With a big chair, it is important to have heavy duty rollers on the bottom. It will still be necessary to roll in and out of your computer desk, but your chair is likely to be a bit larger and heavier than most computer chairs. Install track rollers on the bottom that have three or four rolling feet in a row. Having track rollers on either side will allow you to move the chair smoothly and will hold up to the weight. 

Re-upholster the chair

If you are taking an older chair and making it into your computer room chair, you should get the seat reupholstered. This will breathe new life into the chair and allow it to last a little longer. it also gives you the ability to match the chair to the rest of the theme in the computer room. Select leather of the appropriate color to match the rest of your office decor to make the chair. A furniture reupholstery service will be able to redo the cushions and the seat with the new leather to create a brand new seat for you. 

Monogram the back of the chair

Instead of having your regular office seat, you can have some fun when creating your own office chair. After having the seat reupholstered, you should have a monogram up on the back of the chair. This can be your initials, your business name, or even your business logo. This marks the chair as your office seat. Although it may still have a similar look to your living room chairs and sofas, it will have the distinguishing mark so that it can be moved back into the appropriate space if you use it elsewhere. 

Contact a service, like Bob Arkus Custom Upholstery Inc, for more help.