Did you just find mold growing in your restaurant? You may not have noticed it growing, but now that you know it's there, you'll need to have it removed before continuing to prepare food and serve restaurant guests. It's dangerous to continue preparing meals and having people inside the building when toxic mold is present.

Shut Operations Down

Again, now that you've spotted the mold, don't continue serving food. Let your employees know what is going on and then close your restaurant until you've taken control of the situation. You may want to place a sign at the front of your establishment, letting customers know you're closed for maintenance. You don't have to get too specific about the maintenance you're having done, but you should provide a reopening date estimate so that everyone who enjoys eating at your restaurants knows when they'll be able to come back for some tasty food.

Bring in Mold-Restoration Experts

You want to take control of the situation and have the problem solved quickly because you don't want to leave your restaurant closed for too long. You'll lose out on business and money while you're closed, so the best solution is to have experts come to resolve the issue as fast as they can. There are certain steps the experts tend to follow. These steps include the following:

  • Inspecting the restaurant for signs of mold growth throughout different parts of the building, including the kitchen, main dining area, and bathrooms.
  • Using a digital moisture meter to find out more about the moisture inside the building before offering tips and suggestions on what you can do to reduce the amount of moisture inside the property.
  • Bringing in the different tools used to handle the mold-remediation process. Some of these tools include air purifiers, disinfectant cleaners, air scrubbers, and assorted containment systems to keep mold growth from spreading while they're working on it.

The step-by-step process isn't a process that is going to take too long, because the experts have experience, know what to look for when inspecting for mold, and are familiar with taking a specific approach to remove the mold.

Once the experts remove all the mold from the building, it's safe to reopen your restaurant and serve your restaurant guests once more. However, you should ask the mold-restoration experts for useful tips and helpful information on what you can do to keep mold growth from happening again. To learn more, talk to companies like American Restoration 24/7, Fire & Water Damage Restoration.