When you have experienced a fire in your home, you like feel overwhelmed with the events that have transpired. Home fires are quite frightening and disturbing to anyone who experiences them, and it can be hard to think about what comes after the fire is put out and dealt with. Smoke damage is one of the many issues that you will face after you have had a fire in your home. Get to know some of the steps you can take to restore your home from smoke damage after a fire. Then, you can begin the smoke damage restoration process as soon as possible. 

Have Surfaces Stained with Smoke and Soot Cleaned

The first step in restoring your home from smoke damage is to get rid of the physical remnants of smoke in your home. It is highly likely that at least some of your walls, ceilings, and floors will have smoke stains and soot from the fire on them. This debris needs to be removed in order to get rid of the smoke smell and the evidence of the fire from your home. 

Smoke and fire damage restoration services are experts at dealing with such issues. They will scrub down walls with special cleaners that remove the stains and odors of smoke from the surfaces. For ceilings, they may need to remove texturing (if you have a popcorn ceiling, for example) in order to properly clean the surface.

Floor cleaning will depend on the type of floors. Tile, laminate, and other such surfaces can be scrubbed down as well unless the fire burned them beyond repair. In this case, they will be torn out. Carpets that are not actually burned will need to be deep cleaned (sometimes multiple times) in order to get smoke, dust, and soot residue out and get rid of odors. 

Assess Your Furniture

Furniture, just like any other surface of your home, can suffer smoke damage. This can be limited to smoke odors or may involve actual soot and fire damage. You will need to go through the house and assess your furniture with the help of your smoke damage restoration team. 

Together, you can determine which pieces of furniture need to and can be cleaned and restored and which are beyond repair. Sometimes, if a piece of furniture is particularly valuable to you but the upholstery has so much smoke damage that the smell will not come out, reupholstering the piece can be an option. 

Replace and Repair Damaged Elements

While you may assume that only the parts of your home that actually burned in the fire will need to be replaced, this is not necessarily true. Within a short period of time, smoke and its corrosive properties can permanently damage many aspects of your home. Plastics, for example, near the site of the fire will become permanently discolored. Similarly walls and carpets can have the same type of discoloration. 

Smoke damage can also have a corrosive impact on metal in your home. As such, you may need to replace appliances or appliance parts that were in close proximity to the fire. The sooner you get your smoke damage addressed, the fewer items you will have to fully replace. Smoke and soot cause more damage the longer they linger in a space. As such, it is important to get your smoke damage restoration process started as soon as possible after the fire. 

With these steps to take to recover your home from smoke damage after a fire, you can begin the smoke damage restoration process in your home as soon as possible.  Contact a company, like Willamette Restoration Services, Inc, for more help.