Your home has been in a fire, but you were lucky enough that the flames did not take over your whole house. In fact, the fire simply damaged a small area of your home and the furniture and other parts of the house can easily be replaced to make your property like new again.

Fire damage does more than you think, even when the damage is minimal. What needs restored after smoke and fire damage? You'll be surprised by what goes into fire damage restoration, so use this guide to keep you informed.

Carpet needs treated

Fire leaves behind smoke, and smoke damage can last for a long time in the home. There are chemicals in smoke that get embedded in soft surfaces, such as your carpeting, that will have to be removed before you can move back into your home.

Since smoke travels to all areas of the house, the carpet inside your home will need to be professionally treated in all areas before you can safely move back in. This means you won't be given the all-clear to move into your house until the floors have been steam cleaned and dried and then tested for any signs of residual smoke and fire chemicals.

Walls need replaced

If the heat from the fire is severe enough, drywall can curl or even warp. Paint can become burned and wallpaper will peel away. Walls will need to be replaced if the fire damage goes beyond the surface. Walls will also need to be repainted if the paint is covered in soot or smells like smoke. Once new drywall has been put in, you can make other decorative repairs as needed to fully restore your home.

Furniture needs replaced

Any furniture that is directly affected by a fire should be thrown out. The smoke residue that sinks inside couches and chairs is hard to remove and it's often best just to replace severely damaged furniture.

Furniture that isn't directly affected but otherwise smells of smoke will need to be restored. You can have furniture cleaned the same time you have carpets treated to restore your furniture to like-new condition.

Any appliances or cupboards that have been damaged in a fire will have to be repaired or replaced. Your insurance company can help with these costs. Never try to restore your home after a fire on your own. Always hire a professional to assist you to make your home safe after a fire. Visit a site like for more help.