If you are starting to have leaks in your basement, the problem may not be the amount of rain you are receiving, the problem may actually be your home. The foundation supporting your home may be the real problem. If your foundation is sinking or cracking, it isn't going to support your home properly, nor will it be able to protect your home from water or other issues. If you have a leak in the basement every time it rains, you should hire a foundation repair professional. Read on for a few things you may be able to do on your own. 

Fill In Cracks

The cracks in your foundation may be so deep that they are allowing water to get inside. Not doing something about these cracks can cause them to worsen and lead to even more leaks or allow more water to get into your home. Fill in these cracks in your foundation using concrete caulking or crack fill. When filling in cracks in your foundation, you need to be sure you use a wire brush to remove any loose debris in the crack, then fill in the cracks and smooth the caulking or the crack fill so it's even with the rest of your foundation. Be sure to fill in any minor cracks you see that could potentially worsen and lead to other issues. Also be sure to fill in cracks inside your home along the foundation walls.

Backfill Along The Foundation

If the foundation walls don't have enough drain tile around it, this can eventually cause water to get into your home. If you have a leak in your basement, it may be because the drain tile around your foundation is no longer sufficient to keep water away. Have the area around your home dug out and the drain tile replaced. Then re-slope the area next to your foundation so the ground slopes away from your home to allow for better drainage and prevents leaks.

Call A Professional

Call a professional if you suspect you have a leak caused by your foundation. If your foundation is sinking, for instance, you won't be able to repair this on your own. A professional foundation company is going to have to repair this for you. If you have a crumbling foundation, the entire home may have to be razed in order to repair the foundation properly. 

If you suspect you have a foundation issue, you should hire a professional foundation repair company for help.